Race 11 Team

‚ÄčAbout Ozark Aerosports:

Ozark Aerosports was established by Rich and Chris Dawe to share their love for aviation with pilots and aspiring pilots in the northern Arkansas and southern Missouri region of the beautiful Ozarks. Flying should be, and is, extremely fun! And, extreme flying is as good as it gets for pilots, when done properly. If we want to continue to enjoy flying we need the experience and training necessary to ensure we do it safely and within our personal limitations.

Whether experiencing and learning to perform basic aerobatics; training for a tailwheel endorsement; or simply going on an exciting familiarization flight to determine if you or a loved one wants to seek additional formal training, Rich Dawe, lead instructor, at Ozark Aerosports can provide you with these experiences.

Rich Dawe's aviation bio:

Rich spent 24 years in the US Navy primarily flying EA-6B Prowler jet aircraft, based on numerous aircraft carriers, and has been giving advanced flight instruction for more than 20 years. Rich was selected as the EA-6B community instructor pilot of the year in 1989 and was also a finalist for the USN Blue Angels flight demonstration team that year. Retiring as a captain in 2004, he is now president at Ozarka College in north central Arkansas.

As the Prowler communities' Defensive Air Combat Maneuvering (DACM) program manager, he ran the DACM program and flew daily mock air combat missions with various fighter aircraft to qualify instructors in all Prowler squadrons. Rich is a CFI, CFII and FAST qualified formation pilot. He is also one of the few aviators qualified to race in the National Championship Air Races at Reno Nevada in the Jet Class..